Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Memphis up north

Memphis tap room might be a bit of a hike up north for anyone in south or west philly. Luckily philly is small! Cause you gotta try this place. Unique brews and tasty breakfast makes the Memphis tap room a destination. Named after the street it resides on, there is rarely a wait for a table.  Although  I fear if I tell too many people there may be. I had the best breakfast sandwich at memphis everrr. Kielbasa, swiss, egg, and kraut on rye! yeahhh. Everything here is an explosion in your mouth! The establishment features a dining room and a bar, and is lively day and night!

Raw hits the spot

I went to Raw for a special night for my anniversary and it was a wonderful choice. The staff was welcoming and attentive and the sushi was so good I had to close my eyes when eating it. This is something my grandfather taught me when I was little but I never found a use for until dining at Raw. The atmosphere was so lovely and I must go back in the warm weather because there is a beautiful private outdoor patio! Sansom street is such an odd place in center city. Some parts of it look like a service alley. Even Raw, at first glance, looks dark and closed. I would add some exterior lights if I had a say. But then this place might not be such a satisfying find, right?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Favorite Time Portal

Step inside Eastern State Penitentiary and get a preserved view of a slice of history. Back when it opened 1829, solitary confinement was not a punishment- it was how every prisoner was treated. It was not meant as torture, it was a method to reform a person. The architects deeply believed that every person had some form of good in their hearts, and time alone would help them find it. The structure did not allow any form of interaction between inmates. The floor plan is made of a series of long hallways all sprawling out from one central round room, allowing guards to see every hallway at once. Eastern State is a must-see.  
2124 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Italian style in No Libs like woah

Thank you to Bart Blatstein, owner of 60% of northern Liberties, for giving us a public space that everyone can share. The Piazza is home to many local artists who can rent show spaces affordably and make a name for themselves. Phillies games play on the big screen, live music happens often, craft shows and dance parties crowd bring more life to the community, and a crepe maker stations himself centrally on saturdays. In the warm weather this is the place to be to sit and dine outside at Swifthalf or Vino and maybe run into a few friends wandering through.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Indian Pizza? Hellz yes!

Indian food is probably my favorite kind of food because of it's unique spices and flavors. And pizza...well I am an american. So the two combined were a lot of fun to try. And very good. The pizza was very well made, thin crusted but not too crunchy. I also had an indian spiced pepsi. It definitely completed my experience. Tiffin has a nice new dining room called Tiffen etc. where this glorious combo is made. The staff is very friendly and I cannot wait to go back! Pictured: tandoori pizza and lamb and peas pizza.
Tiffin: 712 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia 19123 (215) 922-1297

Friday, September 4, 2009

South Philly Tap Room knows good beer

You need to make a trip deep into the south part of philadelphia to experience the bliss of SPTR. There will be a unique and tasty beer waiting for you. Founders is one of my favorite brewery's and this is one of the few places that serve it. The food is beyond anything I have ever had at a tap room. Wild boar tacos, tomato soup with goat cheese sammies drenched in A very cozy setting with a back dining room away from the bar and outdoor seating in the summer. Good stuff.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Best Burger you havn't tried yet

Sketch burger is hidden on Girard ave in Fishtown. I say hidden because I must have passed it 20 million times and never noticed it! After walking in I was immediatly greeted by the friendly staff, colorful art made by customers, and a wide variety of burger types and toppings. My turkey burger was fantastic...and huge. The cheese fries and wiz tasted like real Philly tradition.
I just love finding hidden gems. More to come!
413 E Girard AvePhiladelphia, PA 19125(215) 634-3466